Her Dream Fuck

I went into the kitchen for a drink of water before I went to sleep. 

Standing at the sink wearing only a T-Shirt and panties, I didn’t hear you come up behind me. You slide both your hands up my shirt to cup my breasts, toying with my nipples while your tongue traces the shell of my ear, hot breath filling my ear. 

Leading me over to the table, you pull my shirt over my head and bend me over the table. Your tongue licking up my spine slowly, lightly kissing your way back, your hands pushing my panties down. 

You knot one of your fists in my hair, and gently but firmly pull my head back, your other hand reaching around me and rubbing my clit. 

“Mine,” you say right before your lips touch mine. 

Nudging my legs open wider with your knee, you slide a finger inside me. 

I moan slightly and you push two fingers inside me, moving them in and out until you feel wetness.

You take your fingers out and start to rub your dick between my pussy lips. Up and down until my ass starts to back up into you, begging you to slide your dick into me.

“Please baby,” I beg.

You slide the tip inside me and I whimper. 

You shove your dick inside me fast, hard and deep and I groan. Over and over you slam into my wet, tight pussy. 

My fingers find my clit and start to rub it to match your rhythm.

“Cum for me,” you demand. 

Still pounding inside my pussy, your arm reaches around me, your hand covering my hand, both our fingers rubbing my clit and that’s all I needed to cum hard. 

“God baby,” I cry out as my cum floods your dick. 

You slow down the rhythm, until your deep inside me but no longer moving.

You pull my hair back until I’m standing, my back pressed against your chest. 

“We’re not done, baby,” you tell me. 

You release my hair and cover my left hand with yours, fingers intertwined, as you move them to rest on my hip. 

My other arm reaches up behind me encircling your neck. My back slightly arched, you start to move inside me again. 

You kiss my neck and bite lightly, sucking and leaving your mark on me. 

You move faster and harder inside my pussy, hearing me gasp, moan and whimper. 

“Who do you belong to?” you ask. 

“You. I belong to you.” I answer. 

“Don’t ever forget it,” you order. 

Your hand pushes on my back until I’m bent over the table again. 

You slam your huge, thick, pulsating dick in and out of me fast and hard. 

Pulling yourself out of me, you order me to turn around and lay on the table. 

My legs spread wide, with you between them, you start sucking on my nipples. Your teeth biting gently, pulling on them. 

Kissing your way down my soft belly, you lightly kiss the insides of my thighs, before your tongues flicks over my clit. You suck and bite it, listening to me moan and pant.

“Cum in my mouth,” you demand 

My hips moving in small circles, my pussy grinding on your mouth, my body starts to tense up, and you know I’m about to cum, so you slide your tongue inside me just as I cum so hard, my body is slightly jerking and shaking, my cum covering your lips. 

Without giving me a chance to wait until the room stopped spinning, you push my knees up to my chest and my thighs automatically rest on your broad shoulders, your dick deep inside me, your mouth on mine as I taste myself on your lips. You kiss me deeply, our mouths fused together, tongues battling. 

Tearing your mouth from mine, you hold yourself up with your hands on the table. I prop myself up on my elbows and we both watch as you slide in and out of me, my pussy griping you with every thrust.

“God, you feel so good,” you moan. 

Looking up, your eyes lock with mine.

Your hips pump faster inside me and I can feel you getting bigger inside me. I watch as your eyes start to close and I know your gonna cum. 

A few more thrusts and then I feel you explode inside me, your cum filling my pussy, as you call out my name. 

Your body sags against mine, your forehead resting on mine, we wait until the heavens settle. 

My arms circled around your neck, I lightly play with your hair. 

“I love you, sweetheart.” you whisper.

“I love you, too.”

You start to stand up, taking me with you. My legs wrapped around your waist, arms around your neck, your arms wrapped tightly around me, you silently carry me to bed. 


The Drive

I lean over and start to undo the button on your jeans with my teeth.
You laugh and try to push me away, telling me to stop, you’re driving.
I’m persistent and undo the button and zipper.. Through your boxers I can see and feel your dick getting hard. I breathe hot air and the wetness from my mouth on it through your boxers, getting them wet.
I pull them down and your hard dick springs out and I take my tongue and flick it across the tip, over and over, licking the precum from the slit and tip of your dick.
I take more of you in my hot, wet mouth and start to suck harder, my hand at the base of your dick, stroking you up and down.
You start to squirm as I lick and suck and try to bite you lightly.
The truck begins to swerve and finally you groan loudly and pull over to the side of the road.
Your eyes dark with lust and desire, you open the door and yank on my hand, “Cmon, you want to be fucked like a whore, I’ll fuck you like one.”
You take me around to the front of the truck and lift me up on the hood, one hand beneath the short skirt I’m wearing, the other grabbing at my breast through the thin material, twisting and pinching my hard nipples.
You rip my panties off in one smooth motion and push me so I’m laying back, legs spread wide, and you start to eat me. You shove three fingers in my pussy as you suck and pull on my clit. My back arches up from the hood of the truck and I cry out your name.
My hips start to buck harder and faster against your mouth and you follow every movement, sucking harder on my clit and pushing your fingers in and out of my pussy.
I start to tense up and you know I’m about to cum so you pull your fingers out of me and slide your tongue deep in my pussy just as I cum hard in your mouth.
You lift yourself onto the hood of the truck and push me forward telling me to get on my knees.
You push me forward until my breasts are plastered against the windshield as you slide your huge, thick dick inside my dripping wet pussy. You moan and whisper that it feels so good. Each thrust pushes me harder against the windshield.

Panting and begging you to help me cum again, you slide out of my pussy and push the tip of your dick inside my ass. I try to squirm away, telling you not to fuck my ass, that it hurts.
“Yes, I know babygirl. That’s why I do it.” you whisper.
You push more of your dick into my ass and I groan loudly and beg you to stop. With one last shove, all of you is inside my ass, your balls slapping against my pussy as you fuck me hard in the ass.
“Do you like that, babygirl? I own you. All of you and I’m making sure you know I can do whatever to you, whenever. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir,” I moan.
Your dick is getting harder and thicker and you know you’re about to cum so you pull out of my ass and slide back into my pussy and start to fuck me so hard and fast I can’t catch my breath.
“Who owns you?”
“You, Sir, you own me.”
“Who are you?”
“I’m your babygirl.”
With a final thrust, you start to cum and you moan, “Oh God, baby.”
The lights from the passing vehicles shown on our half naked bodies and we become aware of the sounds of the busy highway we parked on the side of. Horns blaring, we can’t help but laugh. You help me down off the hood of the truck, slap my ass and one hand lifts my face up to yours, “I love you, always.”
You can see the adoration in my eyes as I tell you, “I love you more, baby.”

Sweet Love

I walk over to you and drop to my knees and rest my head on your lap, as your hand starts to play with my hair. Stroking it softly, tucking it behind my ears. Your fingertips trailing down the side of my face.
I can feel you getting hard and I look up into your eyes and ask you to make love to me. You pull me up so I’m sitting on your lap, legs wrapped around your waist as you slowly trace the outline of my lips with your fingertips.

Then follow with the tip of your tongue. My mouth opens beneath your lips and our tongues start to dance. My tongue tracing over your teeth. I sigh softly and you swallow the little moans coming from me.
Your hands are running up and down my back, grabbing onto my hips and rocking them forward a little to grind on your hard dick.
Your mouth is kissing and biting on my neck, not hard, but enough to tease me into wanting more.

Your fingers are gently twisting my nipples and pulling on them.
Your mouth moves down to suck on them. Your tongue flicking over the hard bud. Your teeth biting slightly and pulling. My back arches and I gasp with pleasure and a little pain.

You lift my hips a bit and push the tip of your dick into my wet, tight pussy. As I slowly sink onto your bulging dick, I can feel my pussy stretch and open to accommodate you.
You groan and suck harder on my nipples while my back bows against your strong forearm wrapped around my waist. My hips begin to move up and down slowly, in small circles, feeling you slide in and out of me.
One hand at the back of my head, you pull my face towards yours and whisper, “I own you, babygirl” before kissing me hard and deep.
Your hands move under my ass so you can lift me up and down faster now. Pushing yourself so deep inside me we become one being. Not knowing where one ends and the other begins.

My pussy is dripping wetness all over your dick.
I climb off you and while you’re still sitting up, turn around so my back is against your chest and sink back onto you. I moan and cry out as you push yourself deep inside me.
You lay back and take me with you, back still against your chest and begin to pump your hips faster and harder, fucking me.

I can feel you getting bigger inside my pussy now and I clench down on you, pulling on your dick as you move in and out of me.

You’re kissing my neck and breathing warm air on it. One hand pulling on a nipple, the other rubbing my clit in fast circles.
“Cum for me baby” you command.
I’m whimpering as you rub faster and push into me deeper.
Lifting my hips you pull out of me and turn me on my back and enter me slowly, my legs wrapping around your hips. Heels digging into your ass, pushing you deeper.

You hold yourself up on your hands so we can both watch as you slide your hard, huge dick in and out of my glistening pussy.
You look up into my eyes and tell me to cum and to stare into your eyes as I do it.
Locking my eyes with yours, I see yours get darker with desire.

Faster you fuck me until I start to spin out of control, my pussy flooding your dick with cum and I call out your name and cry that I love you.

You cum hard and fast, pumping into me over and over.
As your body collapses against mine you tell me you love me and that I will always belong to you.

I Own You

“I want you,” you tell me as you pull me by my arms close to you.

As you rub your dick against my pussy and stomach through our jeans, you ask, “Do you feel how much?”

I moan and look up at your full lips. Wanting to taste them, suck on your lower lip. My fingers trace the outline of your lips and I softly whimper. You lean your head down and barely kiss my lips, again and again, until you kiss me soft and sensually on my lips.

With my tongue, I trace the outline of your gloriously full lips before pushing my tongue inside your mouth. My tongue running over your teeth and sweeping the insides of your mouth.

You push me on the bed and demand I remove my clothes while you sit and watch from a chair across the room.
After I take my panties off you tell me to touch myself. “Touch yourself like you want me to touch you, baby.”

I lean back on the pillows propped against the headboard and spread my thighs. My hands running over my breasts, squeezing them and pulling at the nipples until they are hard. I suck my finger and run it over my hard nipple and sigh.

My hands moving over my stomach and down between my milky white thighs. I run my fingers lightly up and down the inside of my thighs.
I slide one finger in the folds of my pussy lips, running my finger up and down, stopping at my clit and rubbing it gently. Now I slide two fingers inside me and feel the warm, rush of wetness. My other hand is still pulling and playing with my nipple.

I watch your face as you watch me finger fuck myself. I see your eyes close half way.

I take both fingers out of my pussy and bring them to my mouth where I slowly lick the wetness from them while tasting myself. I move my fingers back down to my pussy, and I lay down a little further, spreading my thighs wider and shove three fingers deep inside my pussy. I groan in pain and pleasure. My pussy is wet and tight and I can feel it grabbing and squeezing my fingers.

I groan and call out, “Baby, fuck me. Please fuck me,” as my body is squirming all over the bed.
You walk to the bed, taking your clothes off as you come closer and closer. You slide up the bed, stopping at my dripping pussy and as you hold my thighs open with your strong hands, your mouth devours my pussy. My hands are in you hair, grabbing at your head and pushing it into my pussy. My hips are coming up off the bed as I buck against your mouth and tongue, fucking it.

You can feel me tense and you know I’m about to cum, so you stop and tell me, “Not yet, baby, not yet. I want you to cum all over my dick.”

I groan and beg you to let me cum..
Your body slides up mine and you kiss me hard on the lips, my tongue battling with yours. You move your lips to my neck and bite into the soft flesh to remind me who I belong too. You mouth moving to my ear, tongue tracing the outer shell before dipping into it and I moan loudly..

My hands are grabbing at your shoulders, running up and down your biceps, feeling the soft flesh covering the steel like muscles under it.
You drop your head to my full breasts and hold one with your hand, squeezing gently and sucking hard on the nipple. My back arches and I hold your head tight to my breasts while you flick and bite the nipples with your teeth and tongue.

“I need you. I can’t wait anymore.” I tell you.

“Is that how you ask me? You know better than that. Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Please don’t stop. I need your body inside mine, I need to feel you move inside me. Please, Sir,” I whisper.

“That’s better,” you say as you position yourself over me. The tip of your bulging dick teasing my hole.
I’m whimpering and begging softly until you push your throbbing dick so deep inside me, I gasp.

You fuck my hard and fast before turning me on my side and holding my leg up under the knee as you slide back into my tight, wet pussy. You fuck me slowly before sliding out and pushing yourself into my ass.

“Oh God, no. Don’t. Please. It hurts. You’re too big!”

You continue to push yourself inside my ass, stretching me open while you whisper in my ear, “You don’t tell me what and how I can fuck you. I own you. And you didn’t ask nicely. You know better.”

“Please, Sir.. ”

“It’s too late, you need to be punished,” you growl.

My hands are trying to push you away and you grab my wrists with one hand and order me to stop fighting you.

You slide yourself fully into my ass and begin to move in and out. My body stops fighting as I start to feel the pleasure of you fucking my ass.

You kiss and bite my neck. I can feel your throbbing dick getting bigger and thicker and you slide out of my ass and push me onto my back, my legs thrown over your shoulders as you fuck my pussy again so hard and so fast I can barely catch my breath.
“I need to cum, Sir, please!”

“Cum with me baby, cum all over my fat dick… Come on love, come for me” you tell me.

I can feel you engorged with cum and know you are about to cum, “Cum with me baby, let me feel the hot rush of your cum deep inside me…”

As you groan and pump your hips faster into my pussy, I start to cum and feel you shoot your cum inside me
Your groans and moans mingle with my declarations of love and contented sighs.

Your body lays limply on mine, your forehead against mine and you kiss me softly on my lips and I can just barely make out the words you whisper, “I do love you and you belong to me.”